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Prairie Junction Farms, LLC

Cornish Cross Broilers
Our Cornish Cross Broilers are raised in chicken tractors that are moved every day to fresh grass.  They are given a high protein feed for growth, but their main diet is what they get from our pasture.  Our chickens are protected from the predators we have around us but are able to still act like chickens and peck and scratch around searching for bugs and getting the FRESH AIR and SUNLIGHT that is so needed for good, quality meat. In addition to providing a delicious meal, these chickens make the best golden, bone broth you will ever have.  It is hard to explain how our Pasture Raised Poultry tastes so much better than store bought, but IT JUST DOES!  No antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. *USDA Inspected
Pasture Raised Turkeys
 If you want to have a Thanksgiving dinner that you will never forget, you need to have a PJF Pasture Raised Turkey! Our Pasture Raised Turkeys are raised the same way as our Cornish Cross Broilers...outside on fresh grass in the fresh air.  They are given the same feed as our Cornish Cross Broilers.  No antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. *USDA Inspected
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