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*All Orders over $50 Include


Almond Toffee & The Dark Almond - 8oz resealable bag - $15.00 *gluten-friendly

Bourbon Toffee & The Toffee in the Rye - 8 oz resealable bag - $15.00 *gluten-friendly

Aronia Syrup - Our organic Aronia Berry Syrup comes in 16fl oz jars which is a one-month supply.  Daily dose is 1 tablespoon as marked on our shot glasses which are available for $5.  $30 per bottle

Sowp - Our pure lard soap called Sowp is $7.00 per 3.5oz piggy.  

Pork - We now sell by the cut!  Contact us for details.  If you are looking to buy a half or whole pig, here is how it works.  You choose to buy either half or a whole pig. Just tell us what you decide, and you pay a non-refundable deposit of either $75 for half a pig or $150 for a whole pig.  Sign our contract to hold your pig and you have made the list!  We will stay in contact regarding processing date. The processor we use comes to our farm to give our pigs the most stress-free environment possible. You get to decide your cuts and fill out the form at  When your pork is ready, we will pick it up and deliver it to you. The price for a half a pig is $350 and a whole pig is $700, minus the deposit which we will deduct on the final invoice. We accept cash, check, PayPal, and Venmo for deposit and final payment. Preorder today to hold your Pasture Raised Pork!

Chickens - Our Pasture Raised Cornish Cross Chickens weigh between 4-7 pounds.  We charge $4.00 per pound, dressed weight.  We are only able to sell our chickens whole and frozen.  They come shrink wrapped and labeled.  Our first round of chickens will be ready around July 4th.  We will continue to process chickens until mid September. They go fast!  If you would like to be put on our list, please contact us. Ask us about delivery.

Turkeys - Our Pasture Raised Turkeys weigh between 17-31 pounds.  We charge $5.00 per pound, dressed weight. Like our chickens, they will be whole, frozen, shrink wrapped, labeled, and ready for pickup or delivery.  They will be ready in November.  Just in time for Thanksgiving! 


Eggs - Our farm fresh eggs are $4.00 a dozen.  Due to birds of prey, we are not able to have them free range so we do the next best thing.  Our laying hens are fed a custom chicken feed, barley fodder, organic soldier fly grubs, and alfalfa hay daily in their very large chicken run.  These happy ladies lay beautiful, deep yellow yolk eggs year around.

Produce - Check out our Facebook page at for a list of what we have available for weekly delivery to East Troy, Eagle, Mukwonago, and Elkhorn.

PJF Box - Our PJF Box has a pasture raised, whole, frozen 4lb chicken plus vegetables and herbs to make a fantastic farm to table meal with your family and friends.  The price is just $30 and will easily feed a family of 4-6.  *The vegetables will be what is ready for picking in the garden at the time of purchase so please let us know of any allergies.

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